The Ultimate Yoga Studios in Berlin

Travel hints at excitement, different sceneries, curiosity and new friends. Yet even experienced nomads get sick when they’re away from home. Why? According to ayurveda, travel aggravates the vata dosha. Literally translated as “wind,” vata is dry; it comes in bursts; it moves (and changes directions); and often, it is cold. Unchecked, it can result in dehydration, constipation, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Luckily, ayurveda has some tips for staying healthy and happy on the road. Tip 1? Continue your yoga routines. Find a mindful studio and start stretching...
It becomes more and more important to travel healthy and stay fit. We enjoy life every single day and we are grateful for the opportunities that we are granted. So, it feels only natural to take good care of our body. Staying active, eating well-balanced food and having enough sleep are key. These last few years, yoga has become extremely popular, also amongst the traveling community. People who were completely devoted to their professional expert status, are now starting to integrate yoga in their everyday life!

Browsing through the class schedule at your new yoga studio for a good yoga class can be a real exercise in confusion. How can you tell the difference between Anusara and Ashtanga? Or hot yoga and hatha? Many of these styles of yoga are being taught and practiced in Berlin and it can be tough for a beginner to figure out the main differences. As a beginner in a new city, it can be helpful to remember that Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Nearly every type of yoga class taught in the West is Hatha yoga. When a class is marketed as Hatha, it generally means that you will get a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. You probably won’t work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but you should end up leaving class feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed.

Indigo Yoga

This cozy yoga studio and lively community in Berlin has weekly classes taught in English by several teachers from all over the world. The group sits together in a tea circle after every class to laugh and talk about life. And they love welcoming new people. Classes are small (10-12 people) and open to all the levels.


This studio is based on the combination of fitness and yoga , BeCycle offers power yoga, yin yoga and multiple cycling classes. There is a healthy foods cafe, a pop-up store, and a mini co-working space that is a part of the complex, reflecting very smartly on the needs of the hip Berlin professionals.

Yoga Klub

Prenzlauer Berg hosts a small but perfectly formed studio which offers traditional yoga and Iyengar yoga. This last discipline can become physically demanding but the poses are broken down into smaller movements. Yoga Klub stocks all the paraphernalia necessary for a proper session, right down to the beanbags to cover your eyes for the relaxation period at the end.

Yoga Sky

On a lofty top floor in Kreuzberg area, you can enjoy celestial views as you move through your sun salutations. “Shiva Shakti Yoga in English” explores a full range of yoga methods ranging from fiery poses to vinyasa meditative flows. Yoga Sky offers classes in French and Spanish. With over 20 instructors and up to 11 classes a day at all times, you can discover what works best for you. They also have a spa including sauna and massage rooms.

English Yoga Berlin

This is more of a community space for the international Berlin tribe. This studio has very affordable prices and a great yoga blog. It is a small, humble place with freelance yoga teachers working together, committed to providing accessible and high-quality yoga classes. Groups are limited to 10 people, allowing for individual attention to each student. This means that all English yoga classes are suitable to first-timers as well as intermediate and advanced students.

Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness

This handcrafted studio is located in Berlin Kreuzberg, close to the Gleisdreieck Park. They offer music-free space (English!) yoga and meditation classes in order to nourish receptive attention. Here the teachers use Dynamic Mindfulness, a contemporary yoga style rooted in Zen Buddhism and informed by latest movement science and biomechanics. All classes are in English and limited to 15 participants.

Featured Image: @ Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Berlin