Millenials stay fit when traveling

For many millenials, fitness and vacation are becoming synonymous. It has become so important to stay in shape that many travelers choose hotels based on how they'll help them keep fit on vacation. Result? A fit vacation and new opportunities to discover that hip neighborhood.
For many tourists or business travelers, vacations are a time to unwind, stay less active and cheat on their diet. However, more and more millenials are looking for travel destinations and schedules that include a health-forward approach, or at least want to open the opportunity to stay fit when traveling. Fitness and vacation are becoming synonymous. It has become so important for many millennial travelers that they even choose hotels based on how they’ll help them keep fit.

Travel site hotels.com has published a fascinating study on what millennials are choosing when it comes to fit travel. Men are more commonly interested in extreme physical activities than women, who prefer holistic wellness holidays with yoga and medication. But finding a hotel with a quality gym is still on top of the list. The top five activities travelers want to try are:

Strength and body weight training (69%) Mountaineering (45%) Personal training (34%) HIIT swimming (26%) Hot yoga (25%)

Staying active when traveling is not difficult once you have prepared yourself a little. Therefore we are giving you three easy starts for a more active and rewarding trip.

1. Book smart

Make it easy for yourself, book a hotel with fitness facilities. The quality of the gyms can vary enormously. There are hotel rooftop workout spaces with great views over the city and there are little basement spaces with a single (often broken) treadmill. If you have the time do the research ahead of time or consider booking one the hotels from our collection.

2. Eat smart

Traveling has many advantages, but weight loss is usually not one of them. Sometimes you just can’t find a healthy choice when it’s mealtime, or you’re faced with the high-fat options at the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s. But even with these restaurants, you can make smart choices. Check out our older post on healthy picks at the counter of your favorite restaurant. Or be sensible and avoid words like crispy, creamy and double chocolate.

3. Sleep smart

As long as we can remember, frequent flyers have been trying to figure out how to prevent jet lag. After all, exploring the city does not go well if your body is screaming for sleep and your stomach is upset by eating that last in-flight breakfast while still in night mode… As strange as it may seem, make sleep one of your top priorities when traveling. Buy yourself a good sleeping mask and close the curtains in your hotel room. You might even buy yourself a scented candle enjoy a little fragrance therapy.

And as an extra tip, skip half of the sights that you would like to visit! When traveling, we all feel like we must experience every little piece of the city. Especially when we are only here for a quick weekend trip, Eventually we end up walking around the city like a zombie, not enjoying the sights at all. Our advice to all millennial trekkers is to narrow your list down to a few sites you’re really enthusiastic about and spend more time appreciating the view and gain a more in-depth understanding of the area that you are in. Instead of skimming the surface of this hip neighborhood, you have the chance to really get to know the culture at a slower and less draining pace.